Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lets Begin

After High School I joined the US Marine Corps where I enjoyed traveling the world once by plane and once by ship (by far the best). Since sailing with the Corps I've always dreamt of sailing on my own realizing that without military rule I would have a lot more fun not to mention the freedom to do and go as I please. In 91' I got married (didn't last) and had two children, my life decisions have been based on the welfare for my children. With that I left the military after my divorce in 95' (I got full custody of my children) to better care and be available for my children even if this meant taking lower paying jobs and living pay check to pay check. As the kids got older I found better paying jobs but the hours were worse (no happy medium, go figure). 
Way back in 1992 my first child, a beautiful little girl was born. I unfortunately was deployed with the US Marine Corps aboard the USS Tripoli. I seen many great and wonderful ports (unable to fully enjoy any of them due to military regs) I promised myself that I would sail this wonderful planet again. Now that my children are grown and almost done with school its time that I begin fulfilling that long ago promise. Unfortunately I am broke I will be saving from $0.00, no its not mishandling of money but rather low paying jobs over the years and childcare costs and no wife to help and only a hit and miss girlfriend.
And so it begins.
I will be doing more research than blogging for now, at least until I get my sailboat.
With any luck I will be able to set sail late 2012.